Easy Nail Art Designs At Home

Love the look of beautiful nails but don’t have the time or money to head to a nail salon? Check out how you can create gorgeous nail art designs at home.

Having gorgoeus nails is the finishing touch to any look. They can help dress up any outfit and help you to look polished and glam.

Doing nail art designs at home is also a great way to practise a little self-care while saving money!

The great news is that it is so easy to get glam looking nails at home.

Before you begine with nail art designs though it is important to start with some basic nail care.

How To Create Amazing Nail Art At Home

There’s no point creating beautiful nail art designs if you don’t have a great base. Just like when you are doing your makeup, or applying self-tan. It’s important to have a beautiful starting point.

  • Make sure your nails are filed and shaped
  • Moisturize your hands, and pay close attention to your cuticles.
  • Don’t bite your nails! If you find this habit hard to stop maybe try some nail biting polish before trying these nail designs.

Another important thing is to allow yourself time to create your nail designs at home. If you rush the process it never looks great, and even worse is not allowing time for your nails to dry thoroughly, then ruining all your hard work by smudging your nails!

Maybe make it a date night with yourself every week. Treat yourself to your favorite show and a glass of bubbles.

Simple Nail Art Designs At Home

Before you begin your at home nail designs it is helpful to have a few supplies on hand:

  • Cotton tips and cotton pads
  • Nail polish remover
  • A old towel or paper towel to protect your work surface
  • A good quality Base coat varnish
  • A good quality Top coat varnish
  • Nail art brushes

If you can afford it, we also recommend buying a nail lamp. This will speed up nail drying time between coats and help stop smudging or chipping.

Easy Nail Art At Home

The easiest way to do nail art at home is with pre-purchased nail art design kits. But it can be lots of fun to try new designs yourself. Remember to have fun with creativity and that with practise you will keep improving!

Why not try some of the nail art ideas below to get you started.

Polka Dots Nail Art Designs

Polka Dots are a great nail at design for beginners.

Start with a darker shade of nail varnsih ( after your base coat of course). Paint two coats and let dry before adding your polka dots.

For the nail polka dots choose a shade lighter than your original nail coat and add polka dots randomly over your nails. You can do all your nails or just choose one nail one each hand for a great look.

To make the polka dots you could use a cocktail stick dipped in varnish or even a penicl tip. Be sure to add a clear top coat over all your nails once the polka dots have dried.

Nature Nail Art Designs

Use nature to inspire you to create designs. This can be fun to get you in the mood for different seasons too.

Have a think about the colors of nature like blue for sky, yellow for sun or seasonal hues like fall colors.

Using a thin nail brush you can paint leaves on a couple of your nails for a dramatic effect or even tiny flowers. Remember to start with a light colored base to make your designs stand out.

Dramatic Nail Art Designs

A really bold and dramatic look ( that is super easy) is to use just black and white on your nails. There are so many combinations and you are only limited by your imagination.

Maybe you could do all black but have one nail white? Or the other way around.

You could use patterns like stripes and dots ( or both). You could have a black base with the tips white or have a more simple design such as a whoite base with one thin black line on each nail.

Black and white is always classy and as an added bonus will go with any outfit.

Finishing Touch To Nail Art At Home

Whatever designs you have decided it is always import to let your nail art dry then finish with two layers of a high quality top coat. Make sure you let this dry completely before you do any other tasks!